Month: March 2020

The Wolf of Gin St.

Distiller’s Notes

This month is a collaboration between Patrick and Lewis, with a label Patrick wanted to do since the Gin Venture started and a flavour inspired by Lewis’s favourite drink.

Aroma (Neat): Lemon, Lime and light note of Menthol.

Taste (Neat): A sharpness of Lime with a crisp Mint and Wood middle, and a satisfying smooth finish.

Aroma (With Tonic): Lemon Zest and Lime Cordial.

Taste (With Tonic): Soft Mint to start, a sweet Lime and a sharp Lemon finish.

Garnish: Great with tonic! Choose the garnish of either Lemon, Lime or Mint to bring out the botanical you want more of.

Quick Video of WoGSt.

Please give us feedback, Gin Venturists, on the flavour, label and our social content. We can only get better.

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