Month: May 2020

The Missing Link

Distiller’s Notes

This month is a take on a very old recipe “The Old Tom”. Flavours were recommended by Gin Venturists from our last feedback session!

Aroma (Neat): Fresh and Sweet Lychee.

Taste (Neat): Fresh Lychee at the fore, Juniper backbone with orange throughout. Full and sweet finish.

Aroma (With Lemonade): Lychee, Lemon and Orange.

Taste (With Lemonade): Preferred with lemonade, as the sweetness of the gin pairs well with a sweeter mixer. Gets mostly Lychee with almost brown sugar sweetness, drink of the summer!

Garnish: Not required, Sweet enough but you can always top it off with your favourite garnish.

This Gin, Just Got Social.

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