Month: October 2020


Distiller’s Notes

A Gin Venturist wished upon a Star and their wish appeared in the form of this Unicorn Gin.

“This shouldn’t work, but it does! Smells incredible. It reminds me of Campino sweets from my childhood. It tastes of sweet strawberries but has a lovely boozy bite.” – Lewis

Mixer – Makes a superb gin and tonic with a difference. If you like cream soda then it’s almost like a strawberry milkshake!

It has been a full team effort in creating this bottle, from distilling, designing the label and creating that special sparkle. It has been a lot of fun, a lot of lessons learnt, a few unicorn tears have been spilt but we are proud to add this to our collection.

This Gin, Just Got Social.

Navy Strength

Distiller’s Notes

We are very excited about this bottle, while only 50cl it sure packs a punch! The challenge we set for this Navy Strength was to have the increased percentage while still keeping the signature smooth taste of a Gin Venture London Dry. We are very pleased with our balance, but please drink responsibly.

Aroma (Neat): Juniper and Citrus

Taste (Neat): Strong Juniper taste through out, soft pine and wood notes with an orange citrus finish.

Aroma (With Tonic): Juniper and Citrus

Taste (With Tonic): A well balanced and refreshing gin with lots of juniper and citrus.

Garnish: Great with tonic!

This Gin, Just Got Social.