Month: November 2020

The Showman

Distiller’s Notes

The Showman, where do we start, once again some great artwork from Alex and Lydia. A true testament to their creativity. This was an early Gin Venturist request as a “Winter Warmer”. It is not something we would have thought of, which is why we love your feedback and requests so keep sending them in to our email and Instagram.

The Showman : Salted Caramel

Neat Taste: Initial hit of sweet but salty caramel leading into a crisp dry gin.

Nose: Like a salted caramel topping over a boozy sticky toffee pudding.

We think this might split people as the gin itself has no actual sweetness added. This is great with a sweeter tonic, would be great for cocktails but also perhaps with cream soda or ginger beer?

Dare to try…. Gin White Russian…. The True Venturist 😛


  • 25ml The Showman
  • 50ml Kahlua
  • 50ml (and a bit) Single Cream or Vegan Cream
  • Ice
  • Very light sprinkle of salt! (Sea/Himalayan not Table!)


  1. Pour the Showman, Kahlua and cream into a cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake gently to blend.
  3. Place 3 ice cubes into a Martini glass and pour mixture over.
  4. Garnish with Salt if you wish.

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