History Behind The Gin 
We are absolutely in love with this gin, its amazingly refreshing and Alex and Us have done an outstanding design on the label. This gin was another Gin Venturist recommendation based on the favourite Wolf of Gin St. Initially we weren’t quite sure how the mint and apple would work, but it did and both flavours complement each other well. For your choice of garnish, you can either use apple or mint to accentuate either flavour depending on your taste.

The Label
The Flavour
Nose (Neat): Fresh mint with juicy sweet apple and juniper.
Taste (Neat): Crisp apple with refreshing mint, juniper finish.
Nose (Tonic): Zingy and sweet apple with a background of mint.
Taste (Tonic): Initial sweet apple with mint and classic tonic finish! Massively refreshing!
Recommended Cocktail – Autumn Long Island

25ml Triple sec
25ml Spiced rum
25ml  Forbidden Gin
25ml Vodka
100ml Apple juice
50ml Lemon lime soda
1. Take your triple sec, rum, gin, vodka, and apple juice and put it into shaker.
2. For 20-30 seconds, shake your ingredients to combine.
3. Equally into 2 glasses filled with ice, strain your ingredients.
4. To top off each glass, pour in 1 oz lemon lime soda.
5. Garnish with cherries or mint.
Drink Responsibly!
 This Gin, Just Got Social.