History Behind The Gin 
This gin is the first we have ever released, we are now on the second iteration of this label as we have learnt a lot over the years, be it texture, font sizing ect. However, the flavour still stayed the same.
Prior to making this Gin, we were trying to achieve a lemon flavoured gin which wasn’t sickly that just had that subtle hint that it tasted like a smooth London dry with a lemon in the glass; Therefore removing the need for a lemon in a classic gin and tonic. Though adding the lemon as part of the distillation process we have achieved just that!
This has become one of ours and our Gin Venturist’s go to gin for some time.
The Label
 No.1 Label

The Flavour
Balanced, fresh, lemon, grassy and floral.
Aroma: Lemon and lime with juniper spicy wood in background.
Taste: Full bodied, lemon meringue and lemon curd, with a floral sweet finish. When adding tonic water, it brings out the juniper flavour along with the lemon and lime.
Garnish: Not required, it has enough flavour already.
Overall, a very pleasant and balanced gin.
Recommended Cocktail - Lemon Gin Fizz

50 ml No.1 Gin
100 ml Lemon juicefreshly squeezed and strained of pulp
simple syrupto taste
Club soda
Lime slicesfor garnish
Fresh mintfor garnish
1. Fill two glasses with ice.
2. Split the gin and fresh lemon juice among the glasses.
3. Finish off each off with simple syrup to taste, club soda, fresh mint sprigs and lemon slices.
Drink Responsibly!
This Gin, Just Got Social.