History Behind The Gin 
This bottle feels like a blast from the past. This is a first for The Gin Venture, our first Liqueur, a classy edition if we don't say so ourselves. This has been a favourite of our distiller Lewis since he made a trial batch at Christmas. We absolutely love it and we hope you too!

The Label
 The Flavour
Aroma (Neat): Sharp and tangy Pineapple and orange.
Taste (Neat): Pineapple with a slight spice with an orange sweet finish.
Recommended Cocktail – ROAR Bucks Fizz

25ml ROAR Gin
75ml Prosecco
25ml Orange or Pineapple Juice
1. Add 25ml ROAR Gin into a prosecco glass
2. Add 75ml of Prosecco
3. Top up of 25ml of orange or pineapple; your choice to emphasise your preferred flavour
Drink Responsibly!
 This Gin, Just Got Social.