The Missing Link

History Behind The Gin 
As part of our subscription service, we offer our Gin Venturist’s the opportunity to pick flavours for the next year. This was recommended and we were all slightly nervous as we have never previously had a lychee flavoured gin. However, since its released it has become a fan favourite, perfect as a regular gin and tonic but if you are wanting to try something special for the summer try this in a Gin Mojito.

The Label
The Flavour
Aroma (Neat): Fresh and Sweet Lychee.
Taste (Neat): Fresh Lychee at the fore, Juniper backbone with orange throughout. Full and sweet finish.
Aroma (With Lemonade): Lychee, Lemon and Orange.
Taste (With Lemonade): Preferred with lemonade, as the sweetness of the gin pairs well with a sweeter mixer. Gets mostly Lychee with almost brown sugar sweetness, drink of the summer!
Garnish: Not required, Sweet enough but you can always top it off with your favourite garnish.
Recommended Cocktail – Gin Mojito

1 Lime
25ml Simple syrup*
50ml The Missing Link
20 Mint leaves
125ml Soda Water
5 Ice cubes
1. Slice the lime in half. Cut one of the halves into small wedges and drop them into a pint-sized mason jar.
2. Squeeze the juice of the other half into the mason jar.
3. Add 15 mint leaves, the ice cubes, the simple syrup and then The Missing Link. Screw on the lid.
4. Shake the mason jar vigorously for 1 minute. The jar will become very cold and frosty (this is good)!
5. Unscrew the lid, then add the soda water and remaining mint leaves. Enjoy immediately!
*Simple syrup - the ratio is 1:1 granulated sugar to water. Combine the sugar and water, and bring it to a boil (stove-top in a pot, or in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave) and then stir it until the sugar has melted. Let the simple syrup cool in the fridge, and then use as needed.
Drink Responsibly!
This Gin, Just Got Social.