The Showman

History Behind The Gin 

The Showman, where do we start, once again some great artwork from Alex and Lydia. A true testament to their creativity. This was an early Gin Venturist request as a "Winter Warmer".
We think this might split people as the gin itself has no actual sweetness added. This is great with a sweeter tonic, would be great for cocktails but also perhaps with cream soda or ginger beer?

The Label
 The Flavour
Neat Taste: Initial hit of sweet but salty caramel leading into a crisp dry gin.
Nose: Like a salted caramel topping over a boozy sticky toffee pudding.
Recommended Cocktail – Gin White Russian

25ml The Showman
50ml Kahlua
50ml (and a bit) Single Cream or Vegan Cream
Very light sprinkle of salt! (Sea/Himalayan not Table!)
1. Pour the Showman, Kahlua and cream into a cocktail shaker.
2. Shake gently to blend.
3. Place 3 ice cubes into a Martini glass and pour mixture over.
4. Garnish with Salt if you wish.
Drink Responsibly!
 This Gin, Just Got Social.