Distiller’s Notes

The Missing Link

Distiller’s Notes

This month is a take on a very old recipe “The Old Tom”. Flavours were recommended by Gin Venturists from our last feedback session!

Aroma (Neat): Fresh and Sweet Lychee.

Taste (Neat): Fresh Lychee at the fore, Juniper backbone with orange throughout. Full and sweet finish.

Aroma (With Lemonade): Lychee, Lemon and Orange.

Taste (With Lemonade): Preferred with lemonade, as the sweetness of the gin pairs well with a sweeter mixer. Gets mostly Lychee with almost brown sugar sweetness, drink of the summer!

Garnish: Not required, Sweet enough but you can always top it off with your favourite garnish.

This Gin, Just Got Social.

London Dry Gin

Distiller’s Notes

This month is a classic, cant believe we have waited so long to release this bottle.

Aroma (Neat): Juniper and Citrus

Taste (Neat): Strong Juniper taste through out, soft pine and wood notes with an orange citrus finish.

Aroma (With Tonic): Juniper and Citrus

Taste (With Tonic): A well balanced and refreshing gin with lots of juniper and citrus.

Garnish: Great with tonic! London Dry, its got to be a Lemon.

This Gin, Just Got Social.

The Wolf of Gin St.

Distiller’s Notes

This month is a collaboration between Patrick and Lewis, with a label Patrick wanted to do since the Gin Venture started and a flavour inspired by Lewis’s favourite drink.

Aroma (Neat): Lemon, Lime and light note of Menthol.

Taste (Neat): A sharpness of Lime with a crisp Mint and Wood middle, and a satisfying smooth finish.

Aroma (With Tonic): Lemon Zest and Lime Cordial.

Taste (With Tonic): Soft Mint to start, a sweet Lime and a sharp Lemon finish.

Garnish: Great with tonic! Choose the garnish of either Lemon, Lime or Mint to bring out the botanical you want more of.

Quick Video of WoGSt.

Please give us feedback, Gin Venturists, on the flavour, label and our social content. We can only get better.

This Gin, Just Got Social.

The Only Exception

Distiller’s Notes

It’s February, the month of love, this Gin is inspired by the ones closest to us.

Aroma: Raspberry and strawberry initially, with a sweet floral finish.

Taste (Neat): Floral and juniper to start, moving to touches of raspberry, with a hint of chocolate at the end.

Garnish: With raspberries or strawberries (or both!).

I recommend No.2 with lemonade rather than tonic as I believe the lemonade lifts the raspberry and strawberry flavours.

Pink Gin, Contentious?

Lewis debunking the myths about Pink Gin

Please give us feedback, Gin Venturists, on the flavour, label and our social content. We can only get better.

This Gin, Just Got Social.


Distiller’s Notes

Balanced, fresh, lemon, grassy and floral.

Aroma: Lemon and lime with juniper spicy wood in background.

Taste: Full bodied, lemon meringue and lemon curd, with a floral sweet finish. When adding tonic water, it brings out the juniper flavour along with the lemon and lime.

Garnish: Not required, it has enough flavour already.

Overall, a very pleasant and balanced gin.

Its Creation

An insight into the creation of No.1

Please give us feedback, Gin Venturists, on the flavour, label and our social content. We can only get better.

This Gin, Just Got Social.

About Us

Hello and welcome to The Gin Venture!

I guess you’re wondering what we are all about. We are The Gin Venture, we are here to change how the world sees the gin industry!

How are we going to do this?
Are you tired of going to the supermarket and seeing the same old gins on the shelf with the standard brand labels? We certainly are! So to conquer this, we are planning on mixing it up. With our subscription service you will get a bespoke distilled gin each month, two months or quarterly from our master distiller, Lewis, featuring a custom designed label from our talented artists, Alex and Lydia.

Love our flavours or not, don’t worry we are SOCIAL. This is a joint venture between us and our subscribers, so give us suggestions on email, Facebook or Instagram and we can put it to a vote involving all our Gin Venturists (that’s you!). If they like it, we can make it happen. This is not only for flavours but for your own label designs too.

So how did The Gin Venture start you may ask? It all started well over a year ago as an off the cuff conversation between Patrick and Lewis after a fair few gins at their friend’s stag do. They both wanted to bring their specialities to the table, Patrick with his business acumen and Lewis with his award winning distillery – not to mention their shared love for gin! As you all know, drunken conversations often get forgotten about, until one Christmas when they were both exchanging messages, the collaboration was sealed with “that gin thing, you still up for it?”.
From then on we tried numerous iterations of ideas that would work, which included a customise your own gin site (, which actually got pretty close to launching. But after numerous calls and debates, we decided to focus on the art of gin and what we like about it, what drives someone to pick a gin at the bar (the label) and experimenting with interesting flavours.

After a poll for name choices, Patrick started ‘The Gin Venture’, which collaborated with Lewis’s company, ‘Distillutions’. Unfortunately Patrick and Lewis aren’t too talented in the graphics design department, so here comes Alex and Lydia and The Gin Venture collaboration with ‘Alex and Us Designs’. On seeing the original and stunning designs Alex and Lydia have done on their website, Instagram and products including cards, prints and wedding invitations, there was no question about who Patrick wanted to design The Gin Venture labels.

And there you have it, a year later, we are here.

Gin just got social.

To find out more about Distillutions please visit:

To find out more about Alex and Us Designs please visit:

The Evolution of The Gin Venture

It seems as though many liquors come in and out of fashion.

As if drinkers are just trying on a pair of bell-bottom pants and zoot suits, then some Reebok Pumps. Then some ironic t-shirts. Ugh. We’re looking at you, scotch. You’re so yesterday.

Fortunately, there is one liquor that tickles the taste buds of everyone at all times. Well, everyone, that is, that loves delicious, refreshing, pallet cleansing and mood enhancing liquors.


Wondering what the true origins of gin are? Well buckle up, hombre, because it’s about to get awesome up in here, pretty quickly:

From its earliest origins in the Middle Ages, gin, a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries, began as an herbal medicine. Gin emerged in England after the introduction of the jenever, a Dutch and Belgian liquor.

Well, hot damn! Gin started out as medicine. Now, it’s not prescribed by a doctor, it’s prescribed by anyone and everyone who appreciates the finer things in life (like you).

After many years of random gin selection taking place in isle three of some random liquor store, justice has been restored to the liquor that is finally getting the respect it deserves.

The most professional, sophisticated and delicious of all liquors, gin, finally has a subscription service for you, The Gin Venture.

Taste the finest juniper berries this side of the planet with every delivery.

No more hoping it was prescribed to you by a doctor, 1537 style.

No more standing in the liquor style isle wondering, “Is this bathtub corn mash or good quality gin?”

This is the finest gin, every time, with the pedigree you’d expect from a delivery service that does nothing but focus on quality.

Start your subscription today and be content in the fact that there is, in fact, an artform to gin – it’s history so long, storied and excellent – and you’ll be tasting the best of the best with each and every delivery.

No questions asked. No prescription needed.

Sure, maybe you have some questions. Well, no problem. We have answers.

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  1. I love high quality gin, is this actually good, or does it taste like the business end of an old Civil War soldiers boot?
    • Fantastic question. It actually is delicious. We promise. We know, because we’ve tasted it. Our delivery service only provides the most unique and wonderfully delectable gin. No boot flavor, guaranteed.

  2. We all know that the Gin Act of 1736 imposed high taxes on retailers and led to riots in the streets. The prohibitive duty was gradually reduced and finally abolished in 1742. Will riots happen if I order from your subscription service?
    • Fortunately, no! We can guarantee that by ordering from our gin subscription service, no riots will take place in the streets. Only happy riots…in your belly…from delicious gin.

  3. In tropical British colonies gin was used to mask the bitter flavour of quinine, which was the only effective anti-malarial compound. Does your gin have anything to do with this?
    • Now you’re being crazy. No. No gin these days has anything to do with medicine, malaria or whatever weirdness happened pre-1900. Look, gin is awesome. That’s why we offer it. If you have some sort of pre-human history affliction, we’re pretty sure some other bootleg liquor might be your better option. Gin is simply tasty and refined deliciousness.

Jump on the gin bandwagon, taste the deliciousness, and get to know what the most amazing gin on the planet tastes like. It’s here. It’s amazing. It’s gin.